Week 60 Post Op Lapband and week 7 Post Op Brachioplasty/Breast Lift and Augmentation

HW: 313.6lbs CW: 133.0lbs

25 Responses to “Week 60 Post Op Lapband and week 7 Post Op Brachioplasty/Breast Lift and Augmentation”

  1. arwc2011 says:

    You look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too lost 165 (with WLS) and am looking into a full body lift like you! How exciting to see your journey! LOVE IT!

  2. ChewTheRightThing says:

    Good Lord you are amazing!

  3. lacylouful says:

    I can’t believe how awesome you look!! I have not been on in a while!!! I hope to have my arms done one day. Congrats on all you have acomplished!!!

  4. Jennisheaven54 says:

    busy=skinny IS so true. Thank you for sharing! You look great! Amazing. Thank you for being so open.

  5. belrubros says:

    you have done such a great job keep it up!

  6. trish1186 says:

    i just love watching your videos! haha don’t become joan rivers ok? you’re just way too pretty so don’t touch your face! 😛

  7. MichelleTheBandit says:

    steph  you are looking awesome ! so jealous about your vegas trip ! xo

  8. siva418 says:

    Okay, when it’s time for my plastics, I’m totally going to ask you where you went. Don’t tell me now ’cause I’ll never remember! LOL

    Great video – have fun in Vegas!

    Two jobs AND going back to school? You’re crazy in the best possible way 🙂


  9. ShrinkingKim says:

    Wow.. you just look more stunning with each video!! Love your journey!

  10. BrandiSpangler says:

    Stephanie, I love watching your videos! Have fun in Vegas and I hope to hear all about it when you get back. I am definitely going to be there next year, plan is already set!!

  11. cabernetqueen says:

    SO glad you are doing soooo well with the reconstruction phase! you have a goal and are working towards it! go Steph. you wear this well!

  12. skymoon1982 says:

    You look absolutely amazing Steph. Your healing very nicely. Your young and smart and have a lot going for you. Enjoy your new clothing addiction with your new body. You deserve it. See u in Vegas chicky. .

  13. bandedbird2011 says:

    You look great Steph! Your got your money’s worth for sure! Retails therapy no doubt? Hope you got in on “The Devils sale today!!!! lol Sat. May 12th 40% off everything one day only sale.

  14. LosersBenchDeeVah says:

    Woohoo!! You’re coming to Sin City?! Can’t wait to meet you 🙂 you look good and are doing well….

  15. sndvl9702 says:

    You look great Stephanie! Love hearing your updates. Great maintenance weight! Please take it easy I cringed when you said you started jogging. You are healing great! You rock! Happy shopping!

  16. Jesusislove150 says:

    BUSY = SKINNY… got to write that again! CONGRATS Stephanie!!

  17. angeljuls says:

    You look amazing!!!! Im so proud of you.

  18. thenewme20111 says:

    Hey Steph! Looking fab as normal. Great that you’re back at the gym & taking it somewhat slow until you fully heal 🙂 scars are healing well, your body frame looks amazing! Look out 2013: a whole new you! Take care & have FUN in LV! xx

  19. LapBandMel says:

    Wut the heck is with the 1 dislike.. must be a WLS nay sayer… Looking totally Awesome!!!!! Have fun in Vegas… and… LMBO at the Joan rivers!!! hee hee

  20. britsband says:

    Girl! You look amazing! All that pain and suffering has paid off! Have fun shopping and see you next week perty lady!

  21. MMAGZ16 says:

    How awesome are you?? You look amazing and so beautiful!! You are doing it girl. You have to be one of the hardest working girls I know. I swear you’re gonna conquer the world, but until then enjoy shopping and especially enjoy Las Vegas, I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  22. allsunnydays says:

    I would love to see what you buy for Vegas. Give us a modeling show. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  23. GhrelinBgone says:

    Can’t wait to see you in person! Always love my girls that climbed out the 3s! Your arms look fantastic… As soon as you said you started to jog I cringed! I’m so scared of pain and I immediately thought..oh no..your boobs! Lol… Please, take it easy! But still do your cardio!

  24. coll85140 says:

    wooo vegas

  25. starsdarkside21 says:

    You look awesome! And you go girl, having two jobs is tough but you seem to be making it work. Your crazy to add school to all that but your awesome!

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