Plastic Surgery Advice?

Question by Sutaato: Plastic Surgery Advice?
I’m 15 (turning 16 soon) and I want to get plastic surgery. I tried posting earlier but all I did was get bashed. So please don’t bash me this time. How much do these surgeries cost? How fast can I start getting them? I’d like to have them all completed by the time I’m 20 or 21. Please post info and expierence is welcome. Thanks.
I want to get these surgeries:
Breast Implants
Arm Lift
Mole Removal
Ear Reduction/Scuplting
Lip Augmentation
Chemical Peel
Toe Reduction
Permanent Hair Removal
Tooth Extraction
Invisible Braces

I don’t know if this surgery exist but I’d like to get a hair transplant to create a widow’s peak on my hair line. Also I may consider butt implants if my slims down to much as I lose weight (from steroids).

I was really sick when I was younger and my body took a beating from it so I feel I was kinda robbed of my youth. I know I won’t look young forever but I’d like to look young while I am.
I don’t plan on getting major ones until I’m at least 18. And no, I don’t need to see a therapist. These are just things that I considered beautiful even before I knew what plastic surgery was. And I have good reasons that aren’t cosmetic for most of them.
I’m going to get at least half of these surgeries so please quit saying “don’t do it.”
I don’t think I’m going to grow anymore. I’m like 5’8″ ft and I’ve been that tall since the 6th grade. My breasts have been C cups since elementary school. Things like having my eyes slanted with the blepharoplasty wouldn’t matter because my eyes aren’t going to slant on their own no matter how old I get. And people get their ears fixed when they’re 7 and 8 years old. Also I’m really sorry about what happened to you with cancer. For me, it was my kidneys and lungs that gave me problems.

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Answer by reddhotz2000
No good plastic surgeon in his right mind is gonna do all that stuff you want at your age. You need to seek help from a psychologist first to deal with your poor body image, regard less of how it happened, before you start fixing things or you will end up one of those women addicted to plastic surgery and the next surgery will not be enough.

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4 Responses to “Plastic Surgery Advice?”

  1. woman38 says:

    toe reduction?? OMG you must be kidding………..
    at 15 toe reduction should be the last thing on ur mind

    sorry but i cant think of anything positive to say to encourage your thinking

  2. Glenn T says:

    I’m not going to bash you. Plastic surgery is expensive and for the most part done for well off, vain people. Don’t waste your time, or your money. Especially at your age!

  3. Kayla H says:

    Well, I would say first of all, that you must really dislike everything about yourself, which makes me utterly sad. Yes, there are some things about myself that I would change but they’re only a few.

    Secondly, unless you see a shifty plastic surgeon, they won’t do these things at your age. Because you are 15, your body isn’t anywhere near done growing, and probably won’t be until you’re 23 or so. Putting in, taking out, or drastically altering any of your anatomy right now could really screw up the growing process.

    Now, as for the cost of these procedures. They can run from a few hundred, to several thousand dollars. A PIECE. Yep, unless you’re one heck of a trust fund baby or your mom spoils you, this won’t happen.

    I wish you luck on your journey and hope you love yourself. I know exactly what it’s like to be robbed of youth because I had cancer at the age of 15. My body is scarred, I’m heavy, and I have some mental problems that really get in my way.

    Best of luck!

  4. Tats says:

    these is a lot of surgery, it won´t be cheap, but on this site you can find the average plastic surgeon´s fees for USA, although it doesn´t include the cost of the anesthesiologist and facility fee, but it can give you an idea of that

    I suggest you to ask a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to recommend you the best options to your specific case because just like this is not enough. Also you can read more about most of those procedures here

    I wish you all the best, don´t forget also to take in count your family opinion about it. All the best!

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