Non-Surgical Fat Reduction – Ultrasound

Non-surgical fat reduction is increasing in popularity. There are two different techniques which can be used, Ultrasound and cryolipolysis, which literally freezes the fat a bit like frostbite. Here we’re going to look at the non-surgical fat reduction technique which uses ultrasound. This is proving to be popular because not only does it involve only a minimal amount of discomfort, it also involves almost no down time at all, you can get back to whatever you do with the rest of your day almost immediately after the treatment.

How Ultrasound Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Procedures Work

Ultrasound non-surgical fat reduction is not dissimilar to sunlight, you know how you can set fire to a piece of paper with a magnifying glass and the sun, above and below the point of focus of the sun will not burn, and similarly if you focus the ultrasound energy you will only injure the fat which is near the focus. The skin which is above the focus point, and the tissue which his below the focus point are protected. The damaged fat is then slowly absorbed by the body, but it might take a couple of treatments before the desired effects are reached.

Ultrasound Non-Surgical Fat Reduction – How They Do It

First things first, the areas which are to be treated are marked out by the cosmetic surgeon, and then, just like when you have an ultrasound when you’re having a baby, a thin layer of gel is “squidged” over the skin. The cosmetic surgeon then moves the ultrasound transducer over the fatty area, a treatment which can last anywhere between half an hour up to a few hours.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

  • No incision is necessary (it’s non-surgical remember)
  • Can treat undesirable fat deposits in the abdomen, back, thighs and flan
  • Only a minimal amount of discomfort
  • Involves little or no downtime – you can get straight back to whatever you were doing before your procedure
  • It may be suitable for any skin type

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction – Other Stuff to Think About

  • Should not be regarded as a weight loss treatment, that’s not what it’s about
  • You might need to have multiple treatment sessions
  • Many patients still actually prefer liposuction
  • Is best used for limited amounts of fat removal in the appropriate areas
  • You may experience small burns although this is extremely rare
  • Your skin might be red for a few hours after the non-surgical fat reduction treatment
  • You may experience temporary numbness – don’t worry, it’s temporary

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