Non-Surgical Fat Reduction – Cryolipolysis

Non-surgical fat reduction, or Cryolipolysis which is one method of it, sounds a lot like a great idea. This type of procedure can only be used to create controlled areas where there are relatively small volumes of fat involved, if you damage too much fat from one area then it could result in scarring.


Okay, so how does it work? What’s involved in this type of non-surgical fat reduction procedure? Well, you may be surprised that Cryolipolysis uses a type of frostbite, yep, it’s a fat freezing technique. Unlike frostbite which freezes the skin, this non surgical fat reduction technique freezes the fat. Researchers discovered that when people suffer from frostbite the fat cells actually freeze sooner than the skin cells, so the fat cells are frozen and then die before being gradually absorbed into the body. You might need a couple of treatments before you can achieve the desired results (little by little is definitely the way when you’re talking about non-surgical fat reduction by Cryolipolysis), but there’s very little risk of injury which is always a bonus.

Cryolipolysis – How Do They Do It

Freezing the fat and not the skin sounds a little easier said than done to me, but not to those cosmetic surgery experts who know just what to do. Basically, the fatty area is sucked up between 2 metal plates and slowly cooled down. At the moment an hour per site is the current time guideline for each area of non-surgical fat reduction.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

  • No incision is necessary (it’s non-surgical remember)
  • Can treat undesirable fat deposits in the abdomen, back, thighs and flank
  • Only a minimal amount of discomfort
  • Involves little or no downtime – you can get straight back to whatever you were doing before your procedure
  • It may be suitable for any skin type

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction – Other Stuff to Think About

  • Should not be regarded as a weight loss treatment, that’s not what it’s about
  • You might need to have multiple treatment sessions
  • Many patients still actually prefer liposuction
  • Is best used for limited amounts of fat removal in the appropriate areas
  • You may experience small burns although this is extremely rare
  • Your skin might be red for a few hours after the non-surgical fat reduction treatment
  • You may experience temporary numbness – don’t worry, it’s temporary

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