English: Permanent Makeup - Eyebrow Procedure

English: Permanent Makeup – Eyebrow Procedure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s just get one thing clear right from the off . . . this page is about “micropigmentation” and has got nothing to do with micro pigs, midget pigs, mini pigs or any other types of undergrown hog . . . it seems to me that the whole world has gone micro pig mad, “can we have one, they’re soooo cuuuuuute”, – “NO”.

Micropigmentation is really another way of saying permanent make-up. It’s kind of like facial tattoos really, but not those scary ones which you see on people with purple hair and multiple piercings (no, I’m not generalizing, I’m thinking of one particularly Scary Guy who has lots of facial tattoos), these procedures are used to enhance things like eyebrows, lips and eyelashes. It was used a lot in ancient Asia and is now popular around the world. By the way, micropigmentation can also be used to improve conditions like vitiligo (an uneven skin pigmentation condition) or scarring, it can even be used to reconstruct the nipple area of the breast.

Wrong . . . I said it’s NOT about micro pigs!

That’s better.

Micropigmentation – How It’s Done

Micropigmentation usually involves two treatments, around four or six weeks apart, although this does largely depend on the health and the age of the client. It really is a form of facial tattooing, using needles to penetrate the skin every few millimeters.

Benefits of Micropigmentation

  • Micropigmentation does not require any real “down time”, you can usually get back to whatever you were doing within 24 hours, depending on what exactly you were doing of course.
  • Micropigmentation is pretty quick taking only a couple of hours at most, but as well as the actual tattooing some time is devoted to pre-procedure prepping and admin.
  • The skin has usually returned to normal by the following day, redness and swelling is generally relatively mild and very temporary.
  • The micropigmentation procedure is pretty much pain free, thanks to topical and/or local anesthetic.
  • Women who suffer from make-up allergies find micropigmentation to be a great solution.
  • Women who routinely get up too late to apply perfect make-up, or regularly forget to take it off before going to bed and end up with “panda eyes” are also pretty interested in the micropigmentation procedure.
  • The results are often quite natural looking and can be seen pretty instantly, although it takes around three weeks to get the full, end result.

Micropigmentation – Other Stuff to Think About

  • Before you get carried away it’s important to remember that micropigmentation is a permanent procedure, getting rid of it involves laser surgery.
  • Once you’ve undergone the micropigmentation procedure you must avoid direct sunlight, remember not to apply any make-up, wear contact lenses or go swimming for a few weeks.
  • Some patients may experience an infection or allergic reaction, but that is quite rare.
  • The pigments may interfer with MRI scans.
  • If the needles are inserted too deeply in can cause bleeding, damage to hair follicles and spread the pigments, so you could end up looking smudged! Make sure that you find a fully qualified and experience cosmetic surgeon before you even think about undergoing a micropigmentation procedure.

Now, back to the micro-pigs, they are so darned cute!


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