Male Breast Tissue Reduction – Gynecomastia

English: Male with very severe gynecomastia.

English: Male with very severe gynecomastia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gynecomastia – it’s a Greek word for “women-like breasts” – or “man boobs” as we affectionately refer to them in our house – yes, there’s a fine pair of “man boobs” living here! In fact, there are fine pairs of man boobs living all over the place, I’m not sure whether it’s some hormone that’s been inadvertently added to the drinking water or something which has been added to the hamburgers, but more and more men are developing breasts. They reckon that around 40 to 60 percent of the male population are affected by Gynecomastia.  Some drugs are known to cause an enlargement of male breasts, stuff like anabolic steroids and medications which contain estrogen, marijuana and alcohol, but to be honest nobody really knows why there are so many cases of male breast enlargement these days, it’s one of life’s mysteries, I wonder if anyone has looked for a correlation between male breast enlargement and the more or less global domination of the McDonald’s franchise . . .  just a thought!

Male breast tissue reduction is suitable for men of all ages, just so long as they are healthy and emotionally stable. It’s best if they have firm, elastic skin which will shape to the new contours of the body, although surgery might not be offered to men with “man boobs” who are overweight and have resisted the temptation to try to reduce their “jumper lumps” by following a regime of good diet and plenty of exercise.

There are a couple of different procedures which can be used for male breast tissue reduction, or Gynecomastia. They can be reduced by liposuction, and/or by cutting out any excess tissue from the glands. This procedure usually takes a couple of hours using either general or local anesthetic.

Male breast tissue reduction surgery can be performed as a “stand alone” procedure, or in conjunction with other surgical procedures like lipoplasty, where the suction device will generally be inserted through the same incisions. If only the removal of excess fatty tissue is needed then liposuction will suffice, meaning that any scars will be very small and, after a short period of time, hardly noticeable at all.

The results of a male breast tissue reduction procedure are permanent, although if you proceed to pile on the pounds after surgery then you could end up with a brand new pair of man boobs. Patients who have undergone this surgical procedure have generally reported back that they have experienced a real self confidence boost down to their firmer, flatter chest. Very often they can be back at work within a week or so, unless their work involves something extremely strenuous.

Life After Male Breast Tissue Reduction Surgery

As I’ve already said, many men can expect to return to work within a week or so, just so long as their work doesn’t involve anything too strenuous. There will be some scarring around the nipple at first, but this will fade over time until it is hardly noticeable, there may also be a little post operative swelling and bruising, perhaps even a slight burning sensation. Patients are usually recommended to wear some sort of elastic pressure garment for the first few weeks, and resist the temptation to expose their new body to the sun for a minimum of 6 months. I know that the first time on the beach it might be tempting to whip your shirt off but be a little patient . . . jeez!

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