lower body lift surgery cancun, mexico

Sheri Burke with International Patient Facilitators, facilitates a cosmetic surgery in Cancun, Mexico. Patient Jim from Canada had a lower body lift (circumferential abdominoplasty) and speaks of how he feels about the program for Cosmetic Surgery with International Patient Facilitators in Mexico.
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We offer free consultations for cosmetic surgery and plastic Surgery. Our practice is well known for natural looking plastic surgery results in Egypt and the Middle east area. Dr. Fathy Khodair specializes in breast augmentation, Breast Reductionm, Breast Reconstruction, Breast RevisionTummy…
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  1. honsey54 says:

    Jim here! Still feeling good and getting better every day. Been home almost a week now. My incision is´╗┐ healing perfectly. Walking a lot. if you plan to have this done, contact me. I will tell you truthfully how it hasbeen for me. Thanks to my wife Elaine and Eric and Sheri.

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