Gastric Bypass Journey: Video #96 Week 100: 23 Months post-op

Thoughts and reflections at 23 months post-op, what my arms look like at 6 months post-op from brachioplasty and a nsv! 🙂
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25 Responses to “Gastric Bypass Journey: Video #96 Week 100: 23 Months post-op”

  1. mialatina3 says:

    You are Darling in that Jacket :)!!!!!!!!!! What a Great NSV :)!!!!!!!!!! Your Arms are Looking Good too !!!!!!!!!!!!! If You do encounter another Negative Appt., please take the time to e-mail the office Manager and go to another Bariatric Office. Because, You Have Come, Sooooooooo Far and Deserve Respect and Encouragement !!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya Marissa XOXOXO

  2. curlideva says:

    You look so good your arms are healing so nicely!! I love that jacket so cute!!

  3. Belindaswlsjourney says:

    its a amzing community…love everyone in it and the advice is out of this world….god bless

  4. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Sorry, don’t know what that is!

  5. Raquel Chavez-young says:

    Do you have rnytalk?

  6. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Hi Connie! 🙂 Thanks SO much for your support. You and your sis are my weight loss surgery gurus! 🙂 Your words mean a lot! Have a wonderful weekend, Love, Marissa 🙂

  7. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Hi Cher! I would really suggest the food journaling, it just has helped me to be accountable as personally I cannot keep track in my head. Good look with your procedures!!!! Maybe starting to journal now will help you have a smoother transition later once you have the GBS? Best of luck to you. Love, Marissa

  8. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Rosemary! 🙂 I cannot imagine what it will be like at 8 years for me! but really, where does this time go!?? Thank you for your support and everything you have done to inspire and motivate! 🙂 Also, hello twin jacket peep! ha. it’s a totally cute jacket that I literally got for $2 and it’s one of my favs now! That’s a deal. I like Ms. Reflections! Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Marissa

  9. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thanks, Belinda! Thanks for all of your support and kind words, as always. I’m kind of overwhelmed by the love and support in this community (and am grateful for it!). Love, Marissa

  10. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thank you!!!! You are doing so well, too. btw! I am following your journey and cannot wait to see the changes. I gotta go work this jacket. hahha! Love, Marissa

  11. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thank you!!!! You ARE on your way. Remember, we were all there once! Thanks for your support. Love, Marissa

  12. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thanks, Becky! The jacket was a small victory as I recall being very “UGH” when I tried it on and could not get it through my arms (post-op brachio, even). I am hoping for a positive experience at the Dr’s office, I am really learning to let my own heart lead the way on not let someone else’s negativity ruin my day! Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂 Love, Marissa

  13. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thank you!!!! :) I hope you are well 🙂

  14. QuiltingConnieB says:

    Congrats on YOUR 100 Week and your arms look Awesome love the jacket God Bless Love Connie HUGSssss

  15. cherylzuschlag says:

    Im a new subscriber. Your video was great. Im going to start a food journel. Im having my band removed and then the gastri bypass. 2 seperate surgeries. Thanks for the tips. Cher

  16. gastricRose says:

    HEYYYYY!!! I have that Jacket!!! now were twin jacket peeps!!… just had to add 🙂 name for the scale Ms. Reflections

  17. gastricRose says:

    Where does the time go for real you say 100 weeks what does 8 yrs. weeks count look like…lol!!…I have loved watching you grow and progress your so right a life time sweet girl … When I see you at video one and then today WOW!! just beautiful and FANTASTIC lifestyle and living and enjoying life is HUGE my friend so Happy for ya..keep working that tool…love rosemary

  18. Belindaswlsjourney says:

    love watching this video…all the info on your journey….cute jacket…great nsv…god bless

  19. mrschay11 says:

    you look great your arms look great they have changed so much congras on t NSV that is a cute jacket…

  20. akirkland41 says:

    So glad your doing so well! I will be glad to get to 100 weeks wow. I am still pre-op but I am on my way 🙂

  21. bookyroony says:

    You should be so very proud how far you’ve come! Congrats on getting into that adorable jacket! I can’t believe you were treated like that at your surgeons office! Don’t even let anyone EVER discourage or make you feel bad, you don’t deserve that! Your arms look great BTW. Love you, Becky

  22. skinnybrit2b says:

    your arms are looking great : )

  23. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! You totally need to try my fitness pal. it’s actually a wonderful tool and helps to keep me in line. I hope you’re feeling better and keep us posted on your impending surgery :/ Have a great weekend! Love, Marissa 🙂

  24. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂 I am just keeping my head up. I am happy, and I am not going to let her attitude bring me down. I may put in a word if she does it again. She just doesn’t have good bedside manner, which is lame since I think sensitivity is super important with anyone trying to better themselves. Thanks for your support!!! Love, Marissa 🙂

  25. halfthegirlmaris says:

    Thanks, CJ! 🙂 the time has flown at a crazy pace. It’s always a good feeling when we can get into clothes were once thought were impossible! I gotta get some new boots and work this jacket. LOL. Take care! Love, Marissa

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