Facial Scar Revision

The human body is a marvel of self healing engineering, but when the skin is recovering from an injury, either as the result of surgery, an accident, a burn, acne – scarring will occur whenever multiple layers of the skin have been affected by the trauma. Once a scar is formed then it’s pretty much permanent, but with a little careful surgery it can be made less visible, or even surgically relocated.

Most people are very self conscious about facial scars, scarring can even hinder the functioning of the mouth, eyes, nose, so facial scar revision really can help many people by improving their appearance, level of facial functioning and boosting self confidence.

Is Facial Scar Revision The Answer

If you have facial scars which could be helped by facial scar revision then there are just a few questions which need to be answered before you can go any further. Are you in good general health? You do need to be in good general health before considering any type of elective surgery. Do you have realistic expectations? I mean, facial scar revision can really help to improve the appearance of scars, but there’s no way that your scar will completely disappear. Facial scar revision works to improve your appearance by disguising the scar, relocating the scar or minimizing the scar as much as possible. Many factors need to be taken into account for the effectiveness of facial scar revision, including skin color, skin type, age and the type of scarring¬† . . . all can significantly affect the outcome. There are different types of facial scars and each type will respond differently to the various facial scar revision techniques. Timing is also important, many surgeons won’t even consider scar revision surgery until at least a year after the initial injury, giving the body plenty of time to fully heal before the procedure takes place.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are considering facial scar revision surgery for functional or purely cosmetic reasons, it’s important that you choose a well qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. He’ll examine your scar and decide what type of treatment will be the best choice for your particular case, and what the realistic outcome of your facial scar revision procedure will be.

After Facial Scar Revision Surgery

Immediately after any type of facial scar revision surgery you’re gonna’ feel some discomfort, bruising, swelling, redness – it’s generally unavoidable. Remember to follow the after-care recommendations from your plastic surgeon religiously, and that even though your sutures may be removed within only a few days it still doesn’t mean that your skin is fully healed. You will probably be told to rest for a few days after the surgery, don’t do anything too active and keep your head in an elevated position when you’re lying down. A cold compress may help to reduce any swelling. Your surgeon should give you very precise instructions on after surgery care, depending on the facial scar revision surgery procedure used. It’s also worth remembering that the full effects of your surgery might not be achieved until around a year after the surgery.


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