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Nose Job Reshaping – Rhinoplasty

Nose Job Reshaping was probably one of the first types of plastic surgery which was regularly performed. It’s actually been a great source of entertainment for many years spotting singers, actors, comedians and other “celebrities” before and after their nose jobs (along with teeth jobs, it’s also very important these days for all celebrities to […]


Neck Lift

Neck Lift surgery might not get that much attention in the plastic surgery world, but think about it, maybe it should, after all the neck is very often the first place to display those tell-tale signs that you’re getting a little older. This often starts during the forties, when sagging and loose skin begins to  […]


Lip Augmentation – Lip Enhancement

Lip Augmentation or lip enhancement procedures are a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. What lip augmentation actually does is to make the lips fuller and plumper, reducing any fine wrinkles from around the mouth. Sometimes lips are injected with collagen, another option is to have them injected with fat which is transferred from another part […]


Head Cosmetic Surgery

There are cosmetic surgery procedures for all different areas of the body, but not surprisingly, many cosmetic procedures are performed on the head. The head (or more specifically the face) is very often the first part of the body to show the tell-tale signs of aging, and there are lots of different head cosmetic surgery procedures […]


Hair Transplantation – Micro-Hair Transplant Procedures

Around half of American men are affected by hair loss by the time they reach 50 years of age, and seeing as 50 is supposed to be the new 30, then it’s no surprise that many of them are none too pleased about it. Women do also suffer from hair loss, not so many of […]


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