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English: Bilateral Breast Reduction

English: Bilateral Breast Reduction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a fact of life that some people can have too much of a good thing, and some people can have too little. Whereas thousands of people choose to undergo breast enhancement procedures every year, there are also lots of people who want – or need – to have breast reduction surgery – reduction mammoplasty. These people are often not just being picky, they’re actually seeking relief from some very real and painful physical symptoms which are often caused by the excessive weight of large breasts, carrying them around all day can put strains in all sorts of places. After breast reduction surgery your breasts will not only be of improved size and shape, you’ll also be able to find clothes which fit you better.

Who Needs Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

If any of the following applies to you, then you could benefit from breast reduction;

  • Your breasts are just too large and out of proportion to the rest of your body.
  • Your breasts are very large and heavy, with the nipples and areolas pointing south.
  • You have one breast which is much larger than the other (you have a choice, do you make the small one bigger or reduce the larger breast)?
  • You are suffering from pain in the neck, shoulders or back because of the excessive weight of your large breasts.
  • There is skin irritation beneath your breasts.
  • You haven’t seen your toes since you were thirteen – just joking, I threw that one in to see if you’re paying attention.
  • You get indentations across your shoulders ‘cos your bra straps are just too darned tight.
  • You can’t take part in normal physical activities, just because of the sheer size and weight of your breasts.
  • Your larger than average breasts make you feel self conscious and have lead to low self esteem.

Whereas breast reduction procedures can be performed at any age, it does make sense to wait until your breasts have stopped developing. Sometimes women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery before childbirth, although this, as well as breast feeding can have unpredictable, significant effects on breast size, shape and “floppiness”.  If you do want to have breast reduction surgery before having children then you really need to discuss this with your surgeon.

Breast Reduction Scars

Okay, so you’ll have a nice new body and reduced breasts, but what about the scars? Will they be so unsightly that you daren’t wear a bathing suit anyway? Absolutely not! Each breast reduction surgery is dependent upon certain factors and individual preference, but commonly there will be three incisions. One will be made around the areola, another running vertically from the lower edge of the areola to the crease just beneath the breast, and the third will follow the natural curve of the breast.  The incisions, over time, will heal and fade, although they might always be visible to some extent. This is really nothing to worry about, the location of the incisions make them easy to conceal beneath clothing, even when you wear daring neck-lines.

Life After Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast reduction procedures will make your breasts not only smaller, but also much firmer. You may find that once you are rid of the excessive weight of your formerly large breasts you will be able to play much more sports and engage in more physical activity – if you want to!

Breast reduction can make a dramatic difference to your overall appearance, some women find difficulty and take time to adjust to the “new person” but the majority of patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery are eventually much happier and more comfortable with their smaller breasts.  Breast reduction surgery really can make a massive difference to your happiness, lifestyle and self esteem.


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