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Liposuction – Lipo – Lipectomy

Liposuction – we’ve all heard of it right? Isn’t that where the plastic surgeon sucks out the fat from your thighs (or anywhere else where you’ve got a little surplus) with a giant medical vacuum cleaner? Well, it’s doesn’t quite work like that, but it’s definitely on the right lines. Liposuction – Is It For […]


Q&A: What Person were they refering to on Family Guy?

Question by : What Person were they refering to on Family Guy? This thin black lady walked out of a plastic surgery place, exclaimed “I look so good!,” lifted her arms up and a bunch of flab fell down, like a flying squirrel. She then said “Taxi!”, flung her arm and hit someone with the […]


Day 3 Brachioplasty post-op

Looking and feeling a bit rough. Got my first shower today. Exhausted from it! My arms look good, real bruised and swollen. using ice packs to help with swelling. this pain and nausea is not fun. Hoping it subsides soon! I hae to say, it is ALL worth it to have gotten rid of the […]


Lip Augmentation – Lip Enhancement

Lip Augmentation or lip enhancement procedures are a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. What lip augmentation actually does is to make the lips fuller and plumper, reducing any fine wrinkles from around the mouth. Sometimes lips are injected with collagen, another option is to have them injected with fat which is transferred from another part […]


How to get over plastic surgery addiction?

Question by : How to get over plastic surgery addiction? Well actually, its not me its my sister. It all started with a nose job cuz shes always been self conscious about her nose. then she got a boob job and loved it. and dont get me wrong, im all for a little fix and […]


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